Recordings 1/22-2/13
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Az Drum and Dance 10/22/10 Konkoba - recording by Masato Kubota



Konkoba_take3.mp3 Nice!

Eastlake/ASU Dance Class 10/30/10, with Amara Mansare

My recorder was behind the doundouns, so Amara is faint in the mix. You can hear his high-pitched slaps though! Masato's recorder was in front,his should be clearer.

01_excerptAt25min.mp3 Halfway through the class, you can hear Amara more clearly than at the end, but it's not as fast :)

02_last5minutes.mp3 Nice!


04_postWarmdown.mp3 Nice! Amara and Mel

Az Drum and Dance 2/5/10 with Amara Mansare

Yoki excerpts (aka Yokui aka Guinea Fare)

M'Fakabe - a dununba rhythm - a set during class, I had to leave early.

Eastlake Dance Class 2/13/10 - Mendiani

1 minute samples every 10 minutes, 6 minutes total (9MB)

Last 5 minutes (49-54) 7MB

Last 3 minutes (51-54) smaller file, 4MB

Post-warmdown improv (2MB)