ASU African Drum Ensemble

Concert 12/7/08, Mark Sunkett, Director. Traditional sabar music from Senegal.
with special guests including the Eastlake Dancers and me playing tungone, the small m'bung m'bung drum.

Recording of the 3 pieces I played with them - the files are 10 minutes each, there are also shorter excerpts. Handheld recorder in the audience, you can't hear all the individual drum parts but hopefully can hear the energy!

Majorette and Kaolack - by Ibrahima N'Diaye Rose. Kaolack is faster and begins about halfway through. 16 MB

Ceebu Jen - traditional, Tassou by Gueye Seck. 21 MB

Kaolack excerpt 3:43
Ceebu Jen excerpt 4:40